Ortholamellar Technology

The ortholamellar technology OLT ® is the logical next step in the development of lamellar cosmeceuticals. It is unique in the area of barrier technologies. This platform technology is patented.

Microscopic image Stratum Corneum

Microscopic image OLT®-Creme

Self-regeneration of the skin by OLT®

OLT® is most closely related to the intercellular lipids of the fully functional stratum corneum, the skin lipid barrier.  It thus makes a significant contribution to the self-regeneration of the skin.

The ortholamellar technology is based on densely packed membrane lipids that are present in an orthorhombic, hexagonal crystalline structure. This corresponds to the intercellular lipid structure of healthy skin.

The effect of the products is primary caused by a fast and sustainable restoration of the lipid barrier and, consequently therewith, caused by messenger functions into the deeper epidermis layers.

structure of the intercellular lipids oft he cell membrane (left), damaged skin (middle) & healthy skin (right)

Combining findings from plant and human areas

In the development of OLT®, GCT combines findings from the botanical research (cuticular growth) and from the human skin research (membrane lipids). By imitating healthy skin structures, the root technology is created to restore the disturbed barrier structure and contribute to sustainable skin health.