The path from conventional skin care, organic cosmetics or bio cosmetics with not always matching ingredients towards the use of natural skin barrier technologies is a paradigm shift in classical and dermocosmetics.
Our solutions replicate the protective structures of the healthy skin barrier and offer solutions for a wide range of skin problems.

Skin Health Management – Research and development focusing on the skin barrier

Many of the product solutions currently in use to treat skin problems primarily address the symptoms. However, they neglect the interlocking of key mechanisms that metabolically control the skin barrier disorder. This understanding is essential to achieve lasting effects.

Our scientists understand the key points in skin problems, address them and develop both short-term and sustainable solutions for people suffering from skin problems. In doing so, we try to avoid substances that put a metabolic strain on the skin (emulsifiers foreign to the skin, preservatives, dyes, perfumes, etc.).

The patented Ortholamellar Technology (OLT®) opens up new approaches.

Through continuous work on and with research, we are striving to lead the innovation leadership in the area of skin problem solutions. The overall target is to return the skin into its natural skin regeneration cycle.

Our goal: Innovative, effective and differentiating dermocosmetic solutions for skin disease sufferers.