gct GmbH successfully develops dermacosmetic solutions for a wide range of problems with skin disorders. The internationally active company is particularly characterized by its holistic understanding of skin barriers.

Hermann Mintel and Martin Albrecht founded gct, headquartered in Leichlingen near Cologne, Germany, in 2015 as managing directors. Other shareholders support the new company in a sustainable manner. Currently the company has ten employees.

Holistic understanding of skin barrier

However, the successful history of the company does not begin until 2015. Today’s development work is based on decades of intensive research in the field of cosmetic products.

gct – German Cutaneous Technology

The membrane scientists have laid the foundations for a new understanding of the skin barrier internationally with the development of lamellar creams internationally in more than 20 years. Through the interaction of Derma science and innovation technologies, the specialists provide a complex insight into skin barrier and its fundamental influences on skin physiology.